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J.Behring Handmade Deer & Trout Walrus artifact Ivory

Blue Streak with Blue spacers Musk Ox cap
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This treeman Deer & Trout has a hand forged 4 1/4" long blade thats about .190 thick and made of 1095 with a convex grind. Anvil stamp . Silver soldered nickel silver guard . The hidden tang handle has a hand cut stack of Blue ,black and aluminum spacers to go with the acient artifact walrus ivory. Its got a blue tinge and a blue streak on the top right side.  Handle is extra long and has a musk ox bark butt cap. OAL is about 8 1/2". Comes in a TMK leather sop sheath with a giraffe hide gray  and herman oaks black 9 oz leather belt sheath. Wonderful rig and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim