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J.Behring Handmade Knives for Sale

J.Behring Treeman  Knives are handmade by me and me alone one at a time the old school handmade way. I use American steel and hand hammer every blade and hand finish to a one of a kind knife you can hand down for many generations.  I have been making Treeman knives for over  18 years full time as a way of life not a hobby . I am also a dealer and collector of old Marbles, Randalls, MSA Co ,Ruana and many more. I love to trade and am always open to an offer on any of my knives. Give us a call or e mail. Thanks, Jim Behring

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J.Behring Handmade Trout and Deer Stag

Great size carry 4 1/4" blade ex-long stag handle.

Treeman Handmade Mini Hatchet Crown Stag

Hand forged Brass Guard Tiny White Tail Crown

Treeman Trout and Deer 4 1/4" blade~STAG

Another great size carry hunting knife~Stag

J.Behring Treeman BIG FATTY RED STAG

Brass Guard & Butt Cap

J. Behring Nesmonk Hunter Sambar Stag

Horsehide Lined sheath

J. Behring Treeman handmade 5" Hunter / Sticker

Hand forged Sambar Stag- Brass Butt Cap

J.Behring Handmade Anvil Stamp T-Shirt

Anvil Logo T-Shirt

J.Behring Handmade Sticker

Anvil Logo Sticker

Treeman Alaskan semi-skinner Domed nickel

Beautiful knife ~great size carry hunting knife!

Treeman Hammermark Trout and Deer AAA

Great knife beautiful Stag and Brass butt.Lined handmade sheath by ROCCO

Treeman handmade Mackinaw Hunter

4 3/4" Handforged Double Brass Guard

Treeman Knives Patches

Treeman Patches

Treeman Trout and Deer Brass butt!

Perfect size everyday carry!!