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J.Behring Handmade Sterile Skull Fighter signed guard

Heavy duty Old School Model 1 fighter Style 6" handforged blade mule deer crotch butt.
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This Treeman Handmade 6 " skull fighter has no name stamp at all. Just the lone skull and a date stamp on the back . I  did sign the guard with my name and date 11/14/14.  The .250 thick blade is convex ground with a brass silver soldered guard. The hidden tang handle has  a stack of hand cut spacers and horsehide with a pinned mule deer shed butt. Overall is about 11 1/2". Nice lines and curves . Comes in a treeman leather shop custom double stitched herman oaks leather riveted sheath. Made custom to fit this knife like a rubber on a hard @#$%#8#4. Priced to sell as always. Thanks, Jim Behring