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J.Behirng Treeman Handmade Sterile Skull Fighter Signed Blade

Big 8" Blade Nickel Silver Guard & Butt cap sold 8/10/15
SKU: tmk424
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This J. Behring handmade Fighter has a heavy Duty 8" hand forged 8" blade  made of the very best 1095 spring steel. Blade is at least .250 thick with a nice sweep. Nickel guard is silver soldered so perfect it looks like an intergal.  Lots of spacers along with a great piece of sambar stag and finished off with a 1/4" thick pinned nickel silver butt cap with a maroon spacer. OAL is just under 14". Signed blade with a single skull and a date stap.  TMK sheath is as good as it gets made of the very best veg tanned latiago  with stainless rivets only TMK uses and a tie down on the back side. It will last and hold up to hard use. Wonderful skull fighter and signed. My knives are in the new book that just came out, The  Worlds best knives of 2015.  Thanks, Jim Behring