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J. Behring Treeman Handmade Musk Ox & Hippo Ivory Deer & Trout Knife

Ols School Treeman pancake sheath
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This J. Behring handmade Deer & Trout knife has a 4" hand forged beat down to about .200. Convex ground with a razor sharp edge.  the silver soldiered guiard is nickel silver with a flawless bead that make this almost a one piece knife. No JB Weld here !  The hidden tang handle has a premium  stabilized walrus ivory handle with a musk Ox spacer. I  added a few thin white and maroon to set it off. The handle is about 4 1/2" lond and it has a pinned nickel silver butt cap.  Super solid feel with wonderful balance. This is the perfect knife for just about any outdoor adventure. best of all it comes with an old school Scagel early Bo Randall style pancake  Treeman handmade  herman oaks sheath is a rich  mahogoney with stainless steel rivets and a gold stitch. Badd Ass !  This knife is priced to sell and made to last a life time. Thanks , Jim Behring