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J. Behring Old school Trout & Deer AAA Stag

Treeman hand forged trout and deer 4+ blade AAA Stag!!
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This J. Behring Handmade Trout & Deer knife has a 4 1/4" hand forged blade made of old school 1095. Convex ground with a silver soldered brass guard.  The hidden tang handle has a premium sambar stag with a pinned brass butt cap. The butt cap is attatched in a way it wil never come lose of come off unless you beat it with a ball peen hammer. The OAL is about 8 7/8" . The TMK leather shop sheath is made of the very best Herman oaks leather  with a full all around custom stitch. Wonderful  knife with a more than fair price tag. Thank you, Dee