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J. Behring Handmade Woodcraft Style EDC Red Stag Ivory Butt

Hand forged little gem of a knife!
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This is the real deal not some china made crap. You sit down for dinner in a fancy steak house with your friends or a client and you order the 40 oz Rib Eye bone in ! Your steak comes to your table and you pull out your every day carry Treeman red stag wood craft and it slices through your 2" thick piece of meat like it was butter. Your a badd ass now ! This little gem is made from the very best hand forged tool steel. Convex ground and razor sharp. The blade is just under 3" long and about  .080 thick. Perfect silver solder joint with a nickel silver guard and a real RED stag 60 year old carver style handle with a acient ivory butt cap. OAL is just over 6". Nice stack of hand cut spacers to accient the stag. Rocco made a high quality sheath from herman oaks leather and form fitted so its tight and stays put. Nice little package for the knife guy with good taste. Buy American ! Priced to sell, Jim