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J. Behring Handmade Skull Fighter Signed & Dated

Skull Stamp horsehide Aluminum handle 7 5/8" Long Blade Badd Ass !
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This is the first Skull Fighter  made this way with only the skull stamp on the blade along with  a signed and dated double brass guard.  The 7 5/8" heavy duty long blade  is a full .250 thick with a convex grind and razor frickin sharp. handforged to perfection with a silver soldered  double brass guard .  The hidden  tang handle  is horse hide and alumimum with a thong hole. Spacers are one of a kind pattern with some of my vintage maroon.  Perfect balance and a handle that  will fit you hand like no other knife in your collection.  Overall is about 12 3/4".  Comes in a custom made rough back butterfly stitch sluuivan  old school high quality sheath . Great rig and priced to sell. Thanks, JIm B