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J. Behring Handmade Mogadishu Double Skull Fighter

7" Hand forged 1095 Blade Horsehide crotch stag
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This Treeman Handmade 7" double skull fighter is just like the one I made several years back for a man that ended up giving the knife to his son that was shipping off to Somalia, South Africa  somewhere around Mogadishu on a mission as an Army  Ranger .  I ran into the father at one of the big gun shows  a year or so later on and he told me.  My son the "Ranger" was involved in a firefight with some crack head terrorists low life dick heads and he ended up on the ground with two of them during this battle. He lived to tell the story and those two dick heads are rotting in some back street with the wild dogs eating there balls for lunch. Sounds good to me !  Any way this fighter is one badd ass knife thats just the right size and weight for fast and reliable service . Convex ground with a razors edge and a silver soldered guard. The hidden tang handle runs all the way past the pin and with horsehide it will hold up to hard use. Overall length is about 12 3/4". Comes in a custom made sheath to fit this knife and this knife only, Its a Treeman leather shop basket weave antiqued leather belt sheath with a tie down. Great looking knife and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring