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J. Behring Handmade Michigan Hunter Blue Brown Tan Ivory Giraffe hide Sheath

Finger grip Ancient Walrus artifact Ivory handle
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This is one Hell of a Michigan Hunter. Bigger than a Deer & trout . Blade is 4 1/2" and .200 thick. 1095 steel with a convex grind and a razor sharp. Deep clear stamps and dater USA 2019. Guard is silver soldered nickel silver. HTH has a hand cut stack of spacers  and a killer Artifact Walrus Ivory Finger grip handle with BLUE, Tan, Carmel colors through out. OAL is about 9 3/8".  The ivory is stabilized with pressure treated epoxy resin by K & G . Only way to go with Ivory and wood.  Brian made a Giraffe hide belt sheath that fits perfect ... Thanks, Jim  5/25/19