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J. Behring Handmade Iron Mountain Hunter Anvil Stamp Stabilized Red Stag

Anvil Stamp Compass with Brass guard Lined horse hide sheath
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This J. Behring Handmade iron Mountain Hunter is as nice as they come. Solid as a rock and made to last several centuries. This knife has a 4.5" hand forged 5160M spring steel blade just like old master Scagel, Richtig, Ruana and Webster marble used on the greatest kives ever made. The cartridge quality brass guard is silver soldered to perfection. Nice big choil so you have no trouble sharpening this work of knife art. The hidden tang handle has a big stack of hand cut spacers and a pinned red stag handle with a 18 MM sun compass. Nice size handle with the perfect shape and best of all its been stabilized. Nobody does this to there stag but Treeman knives. Makes it impervioys to water,blood moisture and what ever you get into. Make it stronger too. OAL is about 9 1/8". I used the seldom seen Treeman anvil stamp on this one of a kind. The sheath is as always first class made here in out leather shop and made of the very best Herman Oaks leather and lined with horsehide. Solid brass rivets and a heavy stitch. Buy American . Thanks, Jim