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J. Behring Handmade Hunters Hatchet

Premium Red Sambar Stag One of a kind stamp.
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This Hunters Axe  has a hand forged  head  with a 2 3/4" " wide cutting edge and is about  3 1/2" tall Convex ground and  razor sharp . Full .250 thick and  all one solid piece  of high grade spring steel. Rc is about 56. The silver soldered guard is nickel silver and the hidden tang runs almost to the end of the handle.The handle has all hand cut spacers of black,white,maroon fiber,and aluminum that sets off the pinned Sambar stag handle and nickel lined thong hole with lanyard. Overall length is about 11 1/2". Perfect axe for wacking off feet and spliting pelvic bones ..  Made to last and get handed down to the next generation .  Comes in a mosher  hand tooled  belt sheath.  In a world of blister pack knives from walmart and  everything being mass produced over seas, you know that if we as outdoorsmen and collectors dont support  people that make  handmade goods no matter what they are, from end tables to cowboy hats  it will all become lost art . My family does the very  best to buy only USA made products and handmade items from locals and  people from around the USA. Buy American, Thanks,