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J. Behring Handmade Fox River Desert Iron Wood Aluminum Crows beak Beaver Tail Sheath

Iron Wood
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I have had this piece of old desert iron wood laying around the shop for at least 15 years. I decided it needed to be used and DAM did it come together well. This hand forged Fox River Hunter has a 5" blade .250 thisk with deep stamps and a silver soldered guard . Cartridge quality brass  . The spacers are all hand cut and the hidden tand runs almost to the end of the pinned air craft aluminum crows beak butt.  This wood has been stabilized so it will look great and last dam near for ever as if Iron wood wasent tought enough to begin with. OAL is about 9 3/4" . Drilled lanyard hole . Comes with a custom made to fit beaver tail antiqued leather belt sheath. badd ass rig and priced to sell. Blade show right around the corner. Thanks, Jim 5/24/19