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J. Behring Handmade BIG 6 Stag Hunter Studebaker Spring

Acorns & Oak Leaf Sheath
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This Treeman Big 6 has a extra wide super duty hand forged studebaker spring steel blade. Convex ground with a razors edge. The blade is 1.850 wide with a nice deep anvil stamp. USA and the lazy S studebaker stamp on the back side. The silver soldered guard is cartridge quality brass.  The hidden tang handle has a heavy duty tang that runs almost to the end of the sambat stag handle. Spacers are green,black, brass and thin copper. Handle is pinned and the thong hole is lined with copper to accent the copper spacers in the handle.  I also installed a heavy contoured brass pinned butt cap . OAL is about 11 1/4" . Comes in a hand made custom fit hand tooled " no store bought stamps" Oak Leaf and Acorn belt sheath.  Heavy stitch solid brass rivets and a tie down on the back side. This is the complete package and its a reall HOSS !  Priced to sell and made to last. Thanks, Jim