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J. Behring Handmade Alaskan Skinner hammermark

Sambar Stag Nickel Hardware Treeman handmade Stamp
SKU: tmk18
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This J. Behring Handmade alaskan  has a just under 5" hand forged hammermark studebaker spring steel hollow ground blade. Nice deep TREEMAN HANDMADE stamp with a nickkel silver soldered guard and heavy pinned butt cap. The handle is a hand picked rock solid  hunk from hell sambar stag  crows beaked carver with a stack of hand cut spacers. Thick nickel silver and thing along with black and some thin maroon. Looks killer . Overall length is abouty 9 1/2". Heavy duty solid  knife that will be perfect for any outdoor expidition . Priced to sell. Thanks , Jim B