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J. Behring Handmade Alaskan Hammermark Ivory

artifact Walrus Ivory Nickel guard & Butt cap
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This J. behring handmade al;askan skinner has a hammermark hand forged  5 1/4" long heavy duty .250 thick  hollow ground blade  Nice big choils for easy sharpining and chocking up  when skinning game. The silver soldered guard is nickel silver as well as the pinned  /18" thick butt cap. The tang runs almost to the end of the butt and  its a wonderful  colorful piece of acient walrus artifact Ivory . Many little specials   and lots of cool stuff going on to only add character. Its solid  as a rock,all stabilized   and will not crack or stain .  Overall length is about 9 3/4" from tip to butt. Nice balance and a real solid feel to this knife. Comes in a mosher made herman oaks black leather pouch sheath.  This  knife is really Priced to sell. Thankls, Jim B.