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Heavy Duty Michigan Skinner

J.Behring Handmade Beautiful Skinner Leather and crown stag!
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This Treeman hand made Michigan Skinner has aheavy duty  4.25" hand forged  blade thats been hammered down to .200. The hidden tang handle has a nickel silver guard with a perfect bead of solder making this like a one piece knife!  The stacked  handcut washers are thick maroon & black, thin red,white, brass and aluminum.  The horse hide washers swell in your hand  and the pinned crown stag mke this a classic Treeman  Scagel like one- of - a kind hunting knife. All the stamps are deep struck J.BEHRING TREEMAN USA 2014 on the back side.   Over all length is appx 8 3/4" and comes in a mosher loop back highride sheath.

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