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Hammermark Mackinaw Sticker

Signed and dated guard Sambar Stag Compass
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This J. Behring Handmade Mackinaw hunter has a 4 1/28" hand forged  hammermark blade made of old school spring steel with a hollow grind and and an Rc of about 56.  The signed and dated guard is nickel silver. Soldered to make like a one piece knife.  The  hidden tang handle is hand picked  real Red Sambar stag with  beautiful grain and color that you only see on a high quality handmade knife made in the USA. This is a perfect all around everyday carry knife that will  do just as well cuting up a steak in the resturant or skinning a mule deer in the high desert. I  always pin my stag handles and 2 ton epoxy  them on to a heavy duty thick tang for superior strength and  durability. Over all length is about 9  1/4" . I  installed a high end sun aaa rated compass in the butt to get you back to camp after your GPS batteries die. Great knife is a hand made hand fit mosher high quality hand tooled american made cattail pouch sheath. If you're  into 100% All American made hand made old school knives this is as good as it gets. Priced to sell.