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Gransfors Bruk Sweden Double Bit Working Axe

35" Handle
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Different models of double-bit axes have been popular in the US since the last quarter of the 19th century because of its balanced feel and versatility. Typically, one blade was sharpened to a finely honed, narrow "felling edge", while the second blade was ground slightly blunter, and used on knots and cutting near the ground where a finely sharpened blade was more likely to be damaged. Today the double-bit axe is used as a Working Axe or as a Throwing Axe for timber sports.

The head weighs 3lb and the face of the bits are about 6". Head is 10" from edge to edge. 35" straight hickory handle with swell-knob and wood wedge.

We can make you a custom sheath full cover with belt buckel straps and vulcanized fiber liner for additional cost. Let us know if you want the ultimate double but axe sheath . Jim