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Granfors Bruk Scandinavian Treeman Sheath

Heavy Duty old English harness leather made by Treeamn Leather Shop Free shipping
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55 Grans Fors Bruk in my oponion are the very best axes made on the planet. Nothing compares to any of their hatchets or axes.  They will cut and out last anything made . I  have been a GFB authorized dealer since 1998 . I  have used all of their products and have worn out several of the sheaths they come with.  I  decided a long time ago they needed a better sheath to match the quality of the axe.  This Treeman leather shop sheath is all hand made from the finest herman oaks 12/13oz old english  harness leather,same leather world famous Ed Fowler uses on his knives. We do all  heavy duty stitching with high quality brass rivets and snaps. Made to hold up to hard use and last  many generations. Protects  the cutting edge and keeps the razor sharp edge in perfect shape and also keeps the user from a getting cut.

 I  can make them  in other colors with or with out tooling. This sheath will last a life time and is guaranteed to hold up to hard everyday in the woods use. Priced to sell. We make sheaths for all the Gransfors Bruks hatchets. Just let us know what you need. We also will make sheaths for your knives and reproduction sheaths for just about anything . give us a call. Thanks, Jim Behring

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