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Treeman ONE -Of A KIND vintage Sawblade BADASS!

J Behring made vintage circular saw blade natural patina!!
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Talk about old school  coll as all get out one of a kind knife. For sure ! Nice long skinny 5 1/2" hand forged blade made from an old saw mill circular saw blade L6 Steel. Its the toughest blade steel there is hands down. Many of the old time makers useed it back in the day. The blade was about 32 " across and about .150 thick with the natural patina left on the blade . Cut it up and hammered the edge and tang out  so the blade is differential tempered.  Looks  great and will cut and hold an edge very well. These old blade are wonderful steel . The double silver soldered guard is nickel.  Nice stack of  a one of a kind spacer arrangement. Real red sambar stah  with a nickel pin . Comes in a Treeman leather shop high end sheath with stainless steel rivets and  made like  old man scagels sheaths were done only better quality .  Greast knife and priced to sell. thanks ,Jim