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Vintage Outdoorsman Fish Filet knife 1950/60s vintage

Comes with two blades 4.5" and a 6" .
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This Outdoorsman fiklet knife was made by Berkley  back in the 60s sometime. made really nice with a cast aluminum handle and comes with 2 blades  . You can switch them out  by removing two stainless screws. Comes in a pouch sheath with a place to keep the extra blade. Not a high dollar knife but a good user. I took one of these up to anada and fileted about 150 walleyes with it over a 8 day period and it performed perfectly. I don't need two of them so I thought I would offer it up at a fair price and pass it on. This one has not been used at all. The new filet knives sold in all of our name brand sporting goods stores are all crap. Priced to sell. Jim

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