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EZE-LAP Diamond Sharpener Brass handle

This is the best all around knife sharpener made. Free shipping in the USA.
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" Made in the USA"I bought my first EZE-LAP Diamond sharpener in the late 1970s. I still am using the very same EZE-LAP today on ever knife  I make  for a final hone before they ship to customers around the world. It will keep you knife razor sharp and if you ever dull your knife up  you can bring it back to razor sharp . All you do is follow the edge angle on your knife no mater what it is. Very light pressure and start from the guard and swipe your blade down the rod to the tip. Very light hardly touching the rod at all. Its will razor up . You can keep you blade sharp by touching it up after use with a few swipes using very light pressure and thats it. DONE!  Thanks, Jim

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