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Treeman Handmade Design Gallery

 Sold knives from the past ~ just for looking ~or placing orders.

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J. Behring treeman Scagel Style Hunter

6 1/2" Blade Horse Hide lots of spacers !
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J.Behring One of One ! 9" Double skull fighter

Custom Walnut handle Stabilized rootwood.
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J.Behring Michigan Hunter Prem. Redstag

Handforged 1/4" thick blade
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J.Behring STERILE Ghost Skull fighter rare

6 1/2" blade .250" thick extra long

Treeman Handmade Deer & Trout Drop Tine Brass Butt Toad Skin

African Giant Toad Skin Sheath
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Treeman Woodmonk Deer & Trout hunter Red Stag AAA

Caiman Croc Sheath
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*Treeman Trout and Deer RARE anvil stamp

Beautiful RED STAG!! Brass butt..
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J. Behring Handmade Trout & Deer RED Stag 4.5" Blade

Heavy duty contoured belt sheath
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J.Behring Trout and Deer leather / stag

4 1/2" HANDFORGED Elephant Ear inlay Sheath
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Treeman Double Skull fighter 8.25" AAA STAG

Extra long handle 14 3/4"OAL
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A Westerner birds head musk Ox Cowboy Hunter

J.Behring Handmade Musk ox Westerner Birdshead
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AAA Treeman 5" Alaskan Semi skinner Hammermark Copper Musk OX!!

Ostrich inlay sheath with Rocco signature antiqued finish!!
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BIG Double skull Clip Point Fighter Hammermark Musk Ox Butt

1/4" thick Clip Point Samber Stag Musk Ox Butt
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Fox River Hunter 5" Hammermark Blood Stag!

.250" thick 1095 steel blade!

Hammermark Hunter Ancient artifact ivory

5 1/2" Hand forged blade
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Handmade 9" MOPAR Double Skull fighter

9" Leaf Spring Blade from my 65 Belvedere 512 Max Wedge !! Root beer Stag!! MOPAR Sheath
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Iron Mountain Hunter

1st Double Stag Iron Mountain Hunter
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J. Behring Deer & Trout 4 5/8" long blade Stag

Heavy Duty Pouch sheath
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J. Behring Handmade 7" Stag Stag Fighter

Rare Sambar Stag Crotch Stag Butt

J. Behring Handmade Double Skull Fighter Stag

Domed Brass Butt 7 1/2" hand forged Blade
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J. Behring Handmade Hammermark Stag Musk Ox Woodcraft Hunter

Westinghouse & Green Spacers Studebaker Spring Steel
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J. Behring Handmade Heavy Duty Michigan Hunter Stag

Basket weave Horsehide lined pouch sheath
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J. Behring Handmade Hippo Tooth Caper

Frog Skin Sheath
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J. Behring Handmade MOPAR Camp Fighter Crown Stag

Made from a 1965 leaf Spring
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J. Behring Trout and Deer Sambar Stag with lined Thong hole

Great size carry knife 4.25" hand forged blade 8.50" OAL

J.Behring 4 1/2" Iron Mountain MI Hunter Frog skin sheath

.250" thick blade..Sambar Stag and Nickel handle~~Great knife!
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J.Behring Handmade BIG FATTY HUNTER RED Stag Acorn & Oak Leaf Sheath

Might be my best ever BIG FATTY !
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J.Behring Handmade Skull Fighter 7 1/2" Hammermark Blade

Nickel Guard Horse Hide Stag Butt
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J.Behring handmade Trout & Deer Stag Ivory Butt cap

Nickel Guard 4 1/4" Blade
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J.Behring handmade Woodcraft Crown Stag

5 1/4" .250 thick Hollow Ground NO Hammermarks
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J.Behring Trout Knife Red Stag Musk Ox

3 3/4" Studebaker Steel 7 5/8 OAL Pouch Sheath

Michigan Trout Knife Artifact Walrus Ivory

Gambler Style handle NS Guard VERY NICE..LOTS of Color

MINI MUSK OX camp knife!!

FREE shipping 3 3/8" OAL
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Miniature Scagel Style Hatchet

J.Behring Treeman Miniature Scagel style hatchet.
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Scagel Drop Tine upswept Skinner Brass butt cap Beaver Tail Treeman Leather shop sheath

Old school extreme upswept skinner Drop tine! 10" OAL Beaver tail sheath made in the Treeman Leather Shop.
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Southwest Skinner Mule Deer Drop tine!

.200" Thick Handforged 1095 Steel

Super Skinner RED Sambar stag Musk Ox beavertail sheath

Bad to the bone "Old School"
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The Scrapper hunting knife

4 3/4" blade micarta handle THE 1ST ONE!
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Treeman 9 1/2" Double skull Fighter Hammermark

Leather Crotch Stag 15 3/4" OAL

Treeman Cave Bear Tooth Hunter

20K year old tooth handle Bear claw sheath
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Treeman Fat Camp 7" HM Gnarley Sambar Stag!

Big Hammermark Camp! Basket weave walnut sheath~
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Treeman Huron Hunter 6 1/2" Blade Stag/Stag

Nickel silver guard , Riveted Belt sheath

Treeman Old School 5 1/2" Crotch Stag Hunter Butter Scotch & Green

Horsehide lined basket weave pouch sheath Anvil Stamp
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Treeman OLDSCHOOL Alaskan Woodcraft

5" Hammermark Alaskan Leather Crotch Stag 10"OAL Treeman Handmade leather sheath by ROCCO

Treeman Scagel Style 5" Crotch Stag Hunter

Hand Forged Old School American Made
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Treeman Skull Fighter Red Stag Ox Butt Cap

6 1/2" Blade Nickel Guard
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Treeman Skull Fighter Sterile Maroon Micarta

tie down sheath
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Treeman Stag Stag Semi Skinner Nickel Silver guard and Butt Cap

Pics don't do this knife any justice. Nothing out there compares !

Treeman WoodCraft 5 1/4" blade Musk Ox butt

Beautiful Sambar Red Stag
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Treeman"s SUPER Skinner Studebaker Steel!

Beautiful work of art! Nice thick .250 blade fat belly ALL the works!!
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Woodmonk leather Aluminum butt! Ostrich sheath!

Custom made 5 1/4+ Woodmonk beautiful stacked leather handle oldschool! Alum Butt 10+ OAL
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