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Treeman Handmade Design Gallery

 Sold knives from the past ~ just for looking ~or placing orders.

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J. Behring Anvil stamp Double Skull Fighter 8 1/2" hammer mark Blade

Red Stag Brass domed butt Thong Hole
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J. Behring Handmade Woodmonk Skinner 5 1/2" Blade Horsehide Fallow Deer Crotch Stag

One of a kind ,Brass Guard HD Sheath Date stamped 2017
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Big Bay Hunter Sambar Stag 5 1/4"

Makes a great Christmas gift for the outdoorsman!
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Treeman 2015 Double Skull Fighter

Look what popped up in the back of the safe!!
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Treeman J. Behring Handmade Trout Knife Sambar Stag Dommed Brass butt

Little Gem ! Form fit pouch sheath !
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J.Behring Huron Hunter stabilized Stag!

Such a nice size hunting knife!!5 7/8" hand forged blade!
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J. Behring Big Bay Hunter 5" Blade Copper Guard Red Stag Handle

Anvil Stamp Sun Burst Belt sheath Stabilized Red Sanbar Stag
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*Treeman Trout and Deer RARE anvil stamp

Beautiful RED STAG!! Brass butt..
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A Westerner birds head musk Ox Cowboy Hunter

J.Behring Handmade Musk ox Westerner Birdshead
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Hammermark Hunter Ancient artifact ivory

5 1/2" Hand forged blade
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Handmade 9" MOPAR Double Skull fighter

9" Leaf Spring Blade from my 65 Belvedere 512 Max Wedge !! Root beer Stag!! MOPAR Sheath
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Iron Mountain Hunter

1st Double Stag Iron Mountain Hunter
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J. Behring Handmade Double Skull Fighter Stag

Domed Brass Butt 7 1/2" hand forged Blade
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J. Behring Handmade Hammermark Stag Musk Ox Woodcraft Hunter

Westinghouse & Green Spacers Studebaker Spring Steel
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J. Behring Handmade Heavy Duty Michigan Hunter Stag

Basket weave Horsehide lined pouch sheath
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J. Behring Handmade MOPAR Camp Fighter Crown Stag

Made from a 1965 leaf Spring
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J.Behring Handmade Skull Fighter 7 1/2" Hammermark Blade

Nickel Guard Horse Hide Stag Butt
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J.Behring handmade Trout & Deer Stag Ivory Butt cap

Nickel Guard 4 1/4" Blade
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MINI MUSK OX camp knife!!

FREE shipping 3 3/8" OAL
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Miniature Scagel Style Hatchet

J.Behring Treeman Miniature Scagel style hatchet.
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Scagel Drop Tine upswept Skinner Brass butt cap Beaver Tail Treeman Leather shop sheath

Old school extreme upswept skinner Drop tine! 10" OAL Beaver tail sheath made in the Treeman Leather Shop.
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The Scrapper hunting knife

4 3/4" blade micarta handle THE 1ST ONE!
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Treeman Cave Bear Tooth Hunter

20K year old tooth handle Bear claw sheath
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Treeman Old School 5 1/2" Crotch Stag Hunter Butter Scotch & Green

Horsehide lined basket weave pouch sheath Anvil Stamp
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Treeman OLDSCHOOL Alaskan Woodcraft

5" Hammermark Alaskan Leather Crotch Stag 10"OAL Treeman Handmade leather sheath by ROCCO

Treeman Skull Fighter Sterile Maroon Micarta

tie down sheath
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* J. Behring BIG SKINNER Artifact Walrus Ivory Musk Ox Butt Cap

Nickel Guard 6" Extra Wide Blade Rock Solid Ancient Ivory
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* J. Behring Handmade Woodcraft 5 1/2" Hunter

Stag with Musk Ox Butt Cap Horse lined Pouch Sheath
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* J. Behring Treeman 9" CRIS Fighter

Hand Forged 91/4" Blade /Stag Handle
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* J. Behring Treeman Little Bay Hunter

Hammermark Treeman Leather Shop horsehide lined pouch sheath mahogany
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* J.Behring Handmade Trout & Deer Knife

Horsehide Crotch Stag Full Cover Basket Weave Sheath
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* Treeman Big 6 Hunter Skinner Stag

Anvil Stamp USA 2016

* Treeman Big Hunter Stag

Extra wide blade
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* Treeman Camp & Fish knife

Artifact ivory Saw Mill Blade

* Treeman Camp Fighter Artifact Walrus Ivory

9 1/2" blade 15 1/2" overall

* Treeman Double Skull Fighter Crotch Stag

Old School Horsehide Brass Guard
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* Treeman J. Behring Handmade Trout & Bird Stag

Brass Pinned Butt Cap with a crows beak sambar stag handle.

* Treeman Skull Fighter Signed & Dated Blade Prem. Sambar Stag

Sterile skull fighter Premium Sambar Stag Signed dated butt cap
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* Woodmonk Ivory hunter musk ox butt cap

American buffalo sheath
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** J. Behring Handmade Hunter 5 1/4" Blade Horsehide Stag Handle

Nickel Silver Guard Anvil Stamp Pancake Seath
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** J. Behring Handmade Huron Hunter Horsehide crotch Stag Copper Guard

Belt sheath antiqued leather with black hardware
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** J. Behring Treeman Handmade Woodcraft Stag Hunter

Brown & Green spacers Thong Hole
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** J.Behring Handmade Camp Knife Stag/Stag

Anvil Stamp Two Tone Belt Buckle Sheath
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** J.Behring Handmade Double Skull Fighter Horsehide Aluminum Butt BADDASS !

EZE LAP Carbide hone Sheath with Tie Downs
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** J.Behring Handmade Woodmonk 6" Hand Forged Studebaker spring Blade AAA Stag Ox Butt Cap

Buffalo Hide Belt sheath, Musk Ox Butt Cap
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** TREEMAN J. Behring Double Skull fighter

8 1/2" hammermark Fighter Horsehide leather SAMBAR stag crotch butt. BAD ASS!!!!!!!! Premium Leather with stone pouch. BEST on the Planet!!
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** Treeman Trout & Deer Scagel style Tine butt

Great size hunting knife! Michigan White Tail tine butt Brass Cap!
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Rare so better collect fast!! Only 5 1/4" OAL
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***J.Behring Treeman Bigwoods 7" Camp Knife

Treeman Leather Shop Black Pancake Sheath
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***Treeman Woodmonk Ivory Sledrunner Handle ~ 1st Beavertail Sheath out of our leather shop !!

1st EVER!! Beaver Tail Sheath made by TREEMAN Leather Shop!!!
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**BEAUTIFUL TREEMAN Hammermark Walrus Ivory with ELE. Ivory butt cap

6" hammermark upswept Walrus Ivory handle with ELE. ivory butt. American Buffalo sheath handmade by TMK Beautiful color WOW!!! 11"OAL

**Engraved Treeman Hunter

A. Montejano 18K Gold Inlay

**J.Behring Handmade Double Skull Fighter Fossil IVORY

Walrus artifact fire bowl Ivory 17.25" OAL
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**Treeman AAA Sambar Stag Alaskan Toad Skin Sheath!

Four animals went into this knife ,Studebaker spring blade, stabilized AAA stag
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**Treeman BIG 6 Artifact Fossil Walrus Ice AX with thick MUSK OX spacer!!

Beautiful BIG 6 Walrus Artifact Fossil Ivory Ice Ax and Musk OX spacer. Full floral Pancake Sheath
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**Treeman Sterile Skull Fighter Horse/Aluminum Butt Stamped

6 1/4" Hand Forged Blade
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