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Treeman Handmade Design Gallery

 Sold knives from the past ~ just for looking ~or placing orders.

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J. Behring Handmade Fox River Hunter POP CORN Stag

AAA Stag Musk Ox Butt Elephant Hide sheath

J. Behring Handmade 6" Copper Harbour Stag Stag Hunter

Acorns & Oak Leaf Sheath. have to hold this knife in your hands to really get a feel for it. Pics don't do it any justice.

J. Behring Handmade Bird & Trout Crown Stag

Full Stitch Giraffe hide Sheath

Double Skull Horse Rasp Fighter

widemouth riveted fighter sheath

Trout Knife 120 year Old German Stag Ox Cap Old Maroon form Fit Pouch

Steak House to the Field to the stream !

Treeman XL Nesmonk Hunter Hammermark Crown Stag

American Buffalo Sheath
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J. Behring Handmade 3.5" Michigan Trout Knife

Real old red stag Artifact but cap

J.Behring Double Skull Fighter

Stone pouch sheath

Treeman Watch Pocket Ivory Lil Caper

Walrus Ivory tusk Tip elephant hide sheath

J. Behring Handmade Deer & Trout Stag Stag Brass guard

Ostrich Sheath Studebaker Spring Blade steel

J. Behring Handmade Double Skull Fighter 9" Hammermark Blade

Finger Grip Sambar Stag Wide Mouth Sheath

Treeman Knives Semi-Skinner

Ostrich Leg Sheath

J. Behring Handmade 8" Skull Fighter NS Stag

Wide Mouth Sheath ,Finger grip Stag ,Nickel Butt cap

J.Behring Handmade 1920 Circular Saw 5 1/2" blade

Super Tusk Ivory & Elephant Ear Sheath

MONSTER XL J.Behring Double Skull Fighter 10" Blade

For the man that like BIG knives ! Shark Skin Sheath

1 of 1 Double skull fighter 8 1/2" HM AAA POPCORN STAG!

ONE-OF_ONE reverse hollow grind~ 14"OAL
Call for pricing

J. Behring Handmade Woodmonk Semi Skinner Horsehide Crotch stag

Beaver tail Sheath Studebaker spring steel !
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J.Behring 4 1/2" Trout and Deer Sambar Stag Nickel Butt

Great size carry.. last of the 2018 knives!

J.Behring handmade 5 1/4" Woodmonk Hunter Ostritch inlay

.250" blade~ Mule deer Crown Stag~ Great size hunting knife!
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Montana Trout knife Beavertail sheath

Beautiful Treeman handmade knife and sheath! Studebaker Steel blade.
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Treeman Knives Hammer Mark Alaskan

Fossilized Artifact Walrus Ivory

BIG DBL Skull Fighter Ivory Fire Bowl Sled Runner

Caiman Crocodile sheath
Call for pricing

Treeman Knives Hammer Mark Fox River Hunter

premium AAA red stag handle

Montana Trout Knife Horsehide Red Stag

3 1/4 " Blade 6 5/8" OSL
Call for pricing

South Dakota Caper Artifact Ivory Ice axe with Musk Ox.

Beautiful Artifact Ivory Ice Axe handle with thick Must OX spacer~~ RARE!
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Treeman Hammermark Hunter

Great size hunting knife!!
Call for pricing

Big Stubby Hunter Anvil Stamp Studebaker Spring

Horse Hide Sambar Stag
Call for pricing

Treeman 6" Huron Hunter Stag Lanyard

A great rig that won't ever let you down and will last a lifetime!!
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Woodmonk Hunter Crotch Stag

Nickel Guard Full Stitched Belt Sheath
Call for pricing

Hammer mark Big Bay Hunter

musk ox butt plate

J. Behring Anvil stamp Double Skull Fighter 8 1/2" hammer mark Blade

Red Stag Brass domed butt Thong Hole
Call for pricing

J. Behring Double Skull Fighter 7 1/2" Blade Horsehide Red Stag Butt

EZE LAP Hone in back of sheath
Call for pricing

J. Behring Handmade Drop Tine Hunter

5 3/4" Forged Blade Brass guard & Butt cap
Call for pricing

J. Behring Handmade Woodmonk Skinner 5 1/2" Blade Horsehide Fallow Deer Crotch Stag

One of a kind ,Brass Guard HD Sheath Date stamped 2017
Call for pricing

J.Behring Handmade Trout and Deer Stag

Great size carry 4 1/4" blade ex-long stag handle.

J.Behring Trout & Deer Stag~Stag

Beautiful beautiful 4 1/4" trout and deer stag stag OLD school Studebaker steel!
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Michigan Hunter 4 1/4" HD Blade Horsehide Stag Musk Ox

Custom fit belt sheath
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Treeman Handmade Mini Hatchet Crown Stag

Hand forged Brass Guard Tiny White Tail Crown

Treeman Trout and Deer 4 1/4" blade~STAG

Another great size carry hunting knife~Stag

Big Bay Hunter Sambar Stag 5 1/4"

Makes a great Christmas gift for the outdoorsman!
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