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Treeman Handmade Leather


We make custom sheaths for any knife or axe new and old as well as replica sheaths for Cooper ,Marbles ,MSA Co, Kabar, Scagel .ect  We can make short runs of custom leather for other makers with a fast turn around time of 2 weeks or less.  Call the shop, talk to us. 586-749-9069

   The highest  quality leather and hardware available today.  Guaranteed



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19 Delta Combat Knife leather Sheaths

Handmade here in our leather shop. 2 pictured Brown in Horsehide and 1 shown in Black email and indicate which one you would like.

Black Leather Ultra phalanx 7.5 belt Sheath

Treeman leather Shop Custom

Border Partol ~ Chute Knife Leather sheath

Slip fit sheath made in our TREEMAN Leather shop. The very best materials on the planet. We guarantee it!

Chute / La Migra Belt Sheath with Sharpening Flat Steel

Treeman leather shop handmade heavy Duty Leather Sheath

Dagger 6" sheath leather black

Fits the 6" Dagger. Leather

EZE-LAP Diamond Sharpener Brass handle

This is the best all around knife sharpener made. Free shipping in the USA.

La Migra Border Patrol Knife Sheath

Handmade TREEMAN leather snap over sheath. Made with the very best leather and hard wear available and I guarantee it!

LRRP Sheath by Treeman Knives Leather Shop

This sheath fits either LRRP knives.

LRRP handmade Leather Sheath by TMK

Treeman Knives Leather Shop handmade sheath fits our LRRP Knife.

LRRP Sheath by TMK Leather Shop

This handmade sheath fits our LRRP knife. Herman Oaks leather with the highest quality brass. Free Shipping

LRRP Spearpoint fighter Sheath w/ Stonepouch

This sheath is made for the LRRP Spearpoint combat knife we sell. The stone pouch sheath can be made in other colors and styles. Call our shop for any leather you want made.586-749-9069 or

Pathfinder Handmade leather Sheath

Handmade leather sheath for The Pathfinder

Recon Hunter Sheath Black ~ Treeman Leather

Handmade Treeman leather shop Black belt sheath available in Black, Horsehide or Brown leather

Recon Hunter Sheath Treeman leather Shop

Made for the Recon Hunter in Herman Oaks brown leather also available in Horsehide and Black. The highest quality leather and hardware available.

Recon Hunter SlipFit leather sheath by TMK

Fits the Recon Hunter. Treeman leather shop building leather for all our products we make. Stainless steel rivets ~Heavy duty clip on back.

Slip Fit Sheath for 6" Ultra Phalanx

Treeman Leather shop. Herman Oaks leather and the highest quality hardware available. Nice option for back carry Available in Black or Brown

TASS HALO SheathTreeman Leather

2 points of attachment

TASS leather Sheath Slip Fit Clip Back

Treeman handmade for SEAL TEAM Knife TASS

TASS Seal Team combat Knife belt sheath with tiedown

Tiedown on back of sheath Handmade leather sheath for TASS/ SEAL TEAM Combat Knife The highest quality leather and hardware available today

Treeman Leather with EZE LAP Diamond Sharpener

Handmade leather sheath for 7.5" Ultra Phalanx with EZE Lap sharpener. ( the only sharpener Treeman Uses)

Ultra Phalanx 6" leather Sheath by TMK

Handmade in our shop is the Old School Rubberband sheath for the 6" Ultra Phalanx. Heavy duty clip and the very best rivets. Available in brown and any style sheath can be made for YOU!