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Cold Steel Model R1 7"

AUS 8a Made in Japan
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Cold Steel's R1 Military Classic is an exact replica of the original, but at a very reasonable price. The R1 Military Classic is not just a showpiece. The blade is made from AUS 8A stainless steel and is 3/16" thick. It is flawlessly ground, hand fitted, polished and then honed until it will cut at the slightest touch. For strength and beauty, the double guard has been meticulously fashioned from a single piece of highly rust resistant 300 series stainless steel (instead of brass or nickel silver that can tarnish). It sports an extremely buffed and polished surface that will continue to gleam despite the ravages of time and weather.

The handle on the R1 Military Classic is made from solid black linen Micarta. This is extremely costly, but nothing else looks or lasts like Micarta! Each one is contoured and shaped until perfect then permanently mated to the heavy blade tang with attractive colored fiber spacers. The final assembly is then buffed and polished to a fine luster. The R1 is delivered with a heavy duty brown leather sheath complete with Norton Fine India stone and pouch. This rugged sheath is built for hard service and is designed to fit virtually any belt including a G.I. pistol Belt!