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Carborundum Counter Top sharpening Station 1930s

Step up and sharpen your pocket knife
SKU: stone1

SOLD This is about as cool as it gets when it comes to  sharpening stones. This carborundum vintage counter top  sharpening stone is as rare as it gest. Used way back in the day when every body carried a pocket knife and you bought them at your local hardwarte store. this was used as advertisement for carborundum and  was a great way to get the customer talking about knives.  Condition on this  is excellant ans  its all there. Been used in a store at one time  and its has a natural patina you only get with age. Still works perfectly and would be  a great addition to any display or collection or  as I  might do take it to show and let people use it. Made in the USA  back in the 30s or so far as I  could research. priced to sell. I  sold  the only other one I  have ever seen after attending over 400 gun & knife shows over that past years.It was missing the base and still  got 400 for it. Again this one is priced to sell. Its big too . measured 14" x 10" base and the stone  box is 11 1/2" long x 3 3/4" wide X almost 5" tall. The stone is replaceable with just one screw. Thanks, Jim B