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19 Delta Rubberband sheath Handmade TMK

Butterfly Slip Fit Rubber Band Concealment Sheath Treeman Leather Shop All American Made Old School design
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This slip fit Butterfly rubberband concealment  clip back sheath is for the 19 Delta Combat knife. Made of the highest quality American materials in our leather shop in Michigan. This design has been around for about 35 + years. Not quite the same as ours but the same principles.  We made our sheath much heavier than the vintage johnsons. Randall Made knives used to sell the Model 24 guardian with a butterfly slip fit rubberband sheath. This sheath will stay on your belt or in your boot and the knife is secure with a high quality Nitrile 3/16  rubber band. The knife will pull out of the sheath  like lightening speed.  8/9 0z herman oaks leather with automotive grade rivets.  The clip on the back is stainless steel and very strong. We can made this style of rubber band sheath for all of our Combat knives and your knives as well. Let me know. Great sheath and priced to sell.