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Blue Walrus Ivory Camp/Fighter

8" Hammermark Blade 13" OAL Artifact Walrus Blue Ivory
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This J. Behring Handmade double skull Camp Fighter has an 8" long 1/4" thick hammermark forged blade with the double skull stamp. The extra long  nickel silver guard is silver soldered  . The  hidden tang handle has a  wonderful  big fat Blue walrus ivory handle wit  nice streaks of rich cream color all through it.  I  added a 1/8" nickel silver butt cap to finish it off  . Big black spacers with nickel silver  and thinner black to accent it all  as one solid working piece of art. Cool knife and it come in a mosher made tooled drop down belt sheath. this Ivory is real hard to find and its getting so expensive  that you hardly even see good Ivory on knives anymore.  This is a great big camp fighter at a real good price.  Overall is about 13". Buy American . Thanks, Jim Behring