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BIG Double skull Clip Point Fighter Hammermark Musk Ox Butt

1/4" thick Clip Point Samber Stag Musk Ox Butt
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This J.Behring handmade Double Skull fighter is 10 times better in the hand ! This beast  has a handforged  8" Hammermark blade 1/4" thick.  Nice wide blade with deep struck "double skulls" J.Behring Treeman stamp and a Clip Point blade.  The double brass guard is cartridge quality brass followed by hand cut spacers of Od green fiber ,Black, thin red and white and brass.  A great piece os Sambar stag Gnarley grain and texture,brass pinned and finished off with a domed Musk ox pinned and epoxied to last a lifetime. The OAL is 14" and comes in a handmade double stitched with tie downs. By ROCCO ....This is one hell of a rig!  Thank you Dee