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Artifact Walrus Ivory Woodcraft American Buffalo sheath

Woodcraft Style 5 1/4" blade with beautiful piece of Artifact Walrus fossil Ivory!!American Buffalo hide sheath by Treeman Leather Shop!
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This J. Behring handmade Woodcraft style knife has a 5.25 "handforged blade made of spring steel and hammered down thinner  to about  .190  . This blades ccut and slice real nice. The hidden tang handle has a silver soldered nickel silver guard and a few handcut spacers of thick black thin brass and copper.  The Fossil Walrus artifact Ivory handle is rich in color with wonderful natural character. The blade is a full 1 1/2" wide and the OAL is 9 3/4" long.  Comes in an American Buffalo Herman Oaks sheath by Rocco of  the Treeman Leather shop!  Thank you.Dee