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Alaskan Semi-Skinner Hammermark COPPER

Beautiful POPCORN AAA STAG!!!! Copper Guard!!Compass Complete Package!!
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This J.Behring handmade Alaskan Semi- Skinner has a 5" handforged HAMMERMARK balde that is RAZOR sharp!! The hidden tang handle has a silver soldered COPPER guard with many hand cut spacers of blck, maroon,copper stacked beautifully with the pinned AAA Sambar Stag   has been stabilized...and fitted withy a high quality compass to get you back to camp when your GPS batteries fail!!!  The OAL is 9 3/4" and comes in a heavy duty lined pouch sheath beautifully handmade here by ROCCO in the Treeman Leather Shop..  Thank you for your continued business...Support a veteran small business.