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Zolan McCarty Boot Dagger

Bural Wood handle
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McCarty knives are hot as hell these days and nobody can seem to come up with any. This Zolen McCarty double edged Boot Dagger has a 5 1/4" blade  .200 thick and made of stainless steel .Its MINT and has a brass guard and butt cap. The hidden tang handle looks to be some fancy bural wood with black spacers.  Very well made knife by a maker from Georgia that is no longer with us. OAL is about 10"  . The sheath is came in with was a piss poor G96 boot knife sheath. We made a high grade Herman Oaks l black leather sheath in our shop that not only looks great its made to last and hold up to hard use. Dont miss out on a knife that will only go up in value . Thanks, Jim