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Ruana 1938 to 1941 Square Cut Big Hunter/Sticker 8" Blade

Original Belt buckle sheath
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This is one hell of an old Ruana made some time way back between 1938 and 1941. I have bought and sold thousands of Ruanas over the years and have never see a hunter/skinner  with an 8 3/16 " blade. The blade is in wonderful condition and sharp as hell. cast aluminum handle with square cut elk horn inserts. # copper pins . Handle lebgth is 4 3/4". OAL is about 12 3/4". Looks to have been taken care of  over the past 85 years. The sheath is original to the knife and in excellant condition ,good enough condition to be carried in the field. Brass rivets and basket weave pattern with a steel belt buckel. Really nice !  This is a Ruana for the serious collector who wants the best and wants knives nobody else has. Priced to sell.  Thanks, Jim