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** J.Behring Handmade Camp Knife Stag/Stag

Anvil Stamp Two Tone Belt Buckle Sheath
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This Treeman Handmade Camp knife has a forged 7" long extra wide convex ground blade about .250 thick. I used my TREEMAN KNIVES anvil stamp on this blade along with the 2106 USA date stamp on the back side. Double guard is silver soldered brass . The hidden tang handle is Pinned Stag/Stag old school style with green ,brown,black tin brass . Very solid and well balanced. Morseth and W.L.Marble made stag stag knives well known back in the day and they have always ben my favorite. The Treeman leather shop sheath is made to fit and made of only the best Herman oaks leather. 9oz black back and a bomber brown front with automotive grade rivets. Belt buckel  will keep this knife in the sheath until you really need it. Tie down on the back side . Great knife and priced to sell. Will be making a few trout & Deer knives like this over the next few days. Watch the site or give us a call or email. Thanks, Jim Behring