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J.Behring Handmad Big Bay Hunter Leather Stag Musk Ox

Last two .357 Horse Hide lined Pouch Sheath Studebaker spring Blade
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Lots of options on this knife . But Cap for one, Studespring ,Nickel, Last two Sheath ...This Treeman handmade Big Bay Hunter has a 4 3/4" long hand forged blade made of old school studebaker spring steel. The blade is beat down to about .180 for a fast slicing smooth cutting blade. Silver soldered nickel guard with a big vintage maroon spacer,black,brass and hand cut horsehide with a sambar stag butt finished off with genuine alaskan musk ox. Badd ass !  I used the treeman Anvil stamp on this blade as well as the 2016 date stamp and studebaker lazy S stamp. OAL is about 9 5/8". The Treeman Leather Shop made "Last two Sheath" is set up for 357,32 win, 35, 38,30-30, 257, 260, 250AK and so on  ,40 cal ect....This way you will always have the last two when you clip runs out.  Pouch sheath is high quality herman Oaks leather with a horse hide liner and automotive grade rivets. It will out last  most and do it looking good too. Nice package  and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim