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J. Behring Handmade Hammermark Stag Musk Ox Woodcraft Hunter

Westinghouse & Green Spacers Studebaker Spring Steel
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This J.Behring Handmade Woodcraft has a 6" plus long hand forged hammermark blade made of the very best vintage studebaker spring. Spring steel from the old foundry in Ohio is the very best quality. The  1/4" thick blade is hollow ground with a razor sharp edge. Nice clear deep stamp and the USA 2016 with the lazy S studebaker stamp on the back side. The silver soldered guard is nickel. The hidden tang handle  has a premium sambar stag crows beak style pinned handle with vintage westinghouse and green spacers , copper and thin black.  .All finished off with a Musk Ox bark butt cap. OAL is about 11 1/2".  The Treeman leather Shop sheath is handmade to fit this knife  perfect and made of the very best high quality Herman Oaks 8/9oz veg tanned leather. Heady duty stitch with stainless steel automotive grade rivets. Made to last several life times. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim