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Emerson Specwar Timberline NAVSPECWAR PROTOTYPE S/N 0001 11 NOV 93

Ultra Rare S.P.E.C.W.A.R
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This Timberline/Emerson  NAVSPECWAR PROTOTYPE is serial #1 . Near mint never used or sharpened just stashed away in a collection for many years. Has the date Nov 11 1993 . Correct sheath and in perfect working condition. Overall length is abot 12 1/8". Blade is about 6" depending wher you measure from. This is a really great addition to a Tactical knife collection.The info I found was that Vaughn Neely , Jim Hardenbrook and Bill Sanders were the three owners of Timberline knives. Vaughn Neely and Bill sanders made the fixed blades and they are two of the best in my book. Jim Hardenbrook made the folders. They say there were only 8 of the first Navspecwar knives made that were numbered . Well nine if you coun't # 0000. 4 other numbered knives went to NAVY SEAL testors and 4 others disapeered . I found #1 of the 9 made.  I would say its a pretty special knife and the #1 PROTOTYPE has to be better than any folding flipper ever made . I think its priced very well and will ship same day.  Thanks, Jim